It’s no secret that I spend hours and hours researching health-related topics and information to improve my health, the health of my family, and that of my clients.

However, an increasing amount of my time has been spent on family and friends asking for my advice. A couple of dear friends have recently suggested that I need to value myself more and stop giving away so much advice for free. It’s true. Some days I spend multiple hours just answering questions for people for free, and it’s just not sustainable – mentally, financially, or timewise. It’s not fair to my paying clients. And it’s not fair to my kids and husband who get less of my time because I’m giving so much of it away to others.

To that end, I am now charging a discounted “friends & family” consulting rate for you, my friend or family member, seeking my advice. This can be via phone or email (or a combination). I hope you’ll understand my need to begin setting healthy boundaries. And if you’d rather seek free advice elsewhere, I completely understand. If you’d still like my advice, please fill out the form below!

With love,