I offer professional placenta encapsulation services for those giving birth in Madison, Columbus, Portage, Baraboo, Sauk Prairie, and Reedsburg or at home anywhere between those cities. I make the process hassle-free for you by picking up your placenta from your birth location and returning your completed capsules to you so that you can focus on your new baby!  Register today if you know what you want, or take some time to read below to learn more about your options. If you still have questions or would like to make a special request, please feel free to contact me.

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[/x_text][x_text]“I was surprised at how easy it was! Denise made the process so simple and it really felt like one of the most straightforward parts of my labor. I was also amazed at how quick the turnaround time was. I would do this again in a heartbeat and I highly recommend working with Denise!” ~Steph Pinnow, DeForest[/x_text]

Fresh vs. Steamed Preparation


“Everyone was amazed by how fast I healed from having a C-section. I thought I was going to have a lot more sad moods, but overall I was pretty happy after birth.” ~Jess, Sun Prairie


Choose How You Want it Processed

  • FRESH PREP  – Based on the idea that less is more, your placenta will be rinsed thoroughly, sliced fresh, dehydrated completely and then ground into powder and put into capsules. ($250*)

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  • STEAMED PREP – Based off of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Your placenta will be thoroughly rinsed, steamed, sliced, and dehydrated and then ground into powder and put into capsules. ($250*)

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[x_text]*I offer a $50 discount for my doula clients.[/x_text]

Additional Options

  • TINCTURE – Designed to balance your hormones long after your pills are gone. Can be useful as menses returns or saved for menopause. ($30)

    HALF & HALF – Can’t decide which preparation you’d like? Choose half Fresh Prep and Half Steamed Prep. ($30)

    VEGETARIAN CAPSULES – For those that prefer an alternative to gelatin capsules. ($10)

    FLAVORED CAPSULES – Not quite sure you can stomach regular gelatin capsules?  These fruit-flavored, colorful capsules might just do the trick. ($10)

  • IN-HOME PREP – Some families prefer to have their placenta encapsulated in their own home. For this service option, it is critical that you follow special storage and handling instructions to keep your placenta safe while you are still in the hospital. I will meet you with my professional equipment in your home to prepare the placenta capsules. I will need access to your home for two hours on the first day of processing, and three hours on the second day. You will be responsible for making sure that I have an adequate workspace and that the dehydrator and other supplies are well attended to between visits. ($50)

[x_text]“Was the cost worth it?  Ab-so-freakin-lutely! Even if said benefits were all a part of some placebo effect, it was more than worth it! I chose to encapsulate because we have depression in my family and knew that I could have been prone to post partum. I wanted to take any and all steps to help prevent this. I never got the “baby blues” even and managed the “hormonal train”, I feel more effectively than if I had tried to without them. I never worried about producing my milk or having enough energy to keep up with my newborn.” ~Gina, Rio[/x_text]

For Your Peace of Mind

[x_text]Your peace of mind is important to me. I have completed extensive training in order to safely prepare your placenta for you. I have my own dedicated workspace in my home that is thoroughly disinfected between each placenta that I process. I practice universal precautions to protect myself and you. I will provide you with detailed instructions for handling your placenta until I pick it up, and I will return your capsules to you within 72 hours. You’ll hardly know it was gone!cuppedhandsWEBsmall[/x_text][x_icon_list][x_icon_list_item type=”leaf”]I have completed rigorous training through the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts[/x_icon_list_item][x_icon_list_item type=”leaf”]ServSafe Certified Food Handler (2015)[/x_icon_list_item][x_icon_list_item type=”leaf”]I have successfully completed a bloodborne pathogens training specific to placenta encapsulation[/x_icon_list_item][/x_icon_list]Get Started![x_text]
“I chose Denise because we already had a good relationship form Bradley class. I trusted her and knew that she was dependable and responsible, and would be there when we called her. In her eyes, there are no dumb questions and she encourages you to do your own research as well. She is very educated and most of all, she is a mother so she is able to tell you about her own experiences.” ~Steph Pinnow, DeForest[/x_text]