Informed Birth Classes might be right for you if:

  • You are interested in having a natural or low intervention birth
  • You like to be as informed as possible when it comes to big events or decisions
  • You know that preparation for birth is important, so you want to prepare as best you can
  • You want your partner to know how to support you
  • You want to be able to advocate for yourself and your baby during your birth
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed, not knowing who or what to trust
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“We can’t overstate the helpfulness of your classes.” -Ken, Bradley Dad, Madison

Natural childbirth classes in Madison


None scheduled at this time.

Don’t see a series date or location that works for you? Contact me today to let me know! With enough interest, I may add another series that works better for you.

Comprehensive Birth Classes…

Staying low-risk during your pregnancy gives you more options for your birth, and these classes teach you how. But don’t worry if you’re already considered high risk. You will learn how to navigate your options, including the ones that not all doctors and hospitals want you to know you have! You’ll learn what to expect during your labor, coping strategies, common interventions, and so much more! You will leave these classes feeling informed and confident for your birth!

” Denise’s classes are a MUST for every expecting couple!! You will finish the class with a confidence in yourself and your body’s ability to deliver naturally and even be almost excited for labor and delivery! If you are on the fence about taking the classes, even just a little bit, just do it! You won’t regret it!” ~Lynz, Rio

Madison birthing classes

Interactive Classes…

Whether you retain information best through reading, listening, discussing, or doing, I’ve got you covered. You won’t just be sitting and listening to lectures each week. You will get to practice relaxation each week, watch videos, play games, and do lots of activities (with prizes at stake for those of you who are the competitive type)!

Small Class Size…

I limit my class size to six couples. This ensures that I can give you the attention and learning environment you deserve. It also gives you a chance to get to know the other couples well. Several past students have become great friends and still keep in touch with one another years later!

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Birthing classes in Madison

Partner Support in Birth

Not sure if your partner will be on board with such comprehensive birthing classes? I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I always ask everyone in class 1 why they’ve chosen to take my birth classes. Often, dads respond with, “Because she made me come.” or “Because this is important to her.” Once in awhile, I get a very enthusiastic dad who had to be the one to convince mom. So don’t worry if he’s not on board (yet)!

“At first my husband was against taking these classes because of cost, the long drive (an hour each way), and the time commitment. Now he tells every guy whose wife is expecting that Bradley classes taught him what to do to help his wife and baby through pregnancy and labor.” ~Janice, Elroy

Breastfeeding, Postpartum, & Newborn Care

While most of this childbirth class series is focused on preparing you for a healthy pregnancy and a smooth labor and birth, you’ll also learn about breastfeeding, pumping (especially if you plan to return to work), caring for your newborn, taking care of yourself postpartum and easing into your new role as parents (or parents all over again if this isn’t your first birth).

$295 Class Investment

As you’ve discovered by now, these aren’t just “run of the mill” hospital childbirth classes. You get the advantage of independent childbirth classes taught by someone who specializes in helping couples to avoid unnecessary interventions and have a more comfortable labor and birth through choosing helpful positions and utilizing any or all of the comfort techniques taught in class. I don’t work for a hospital, and therefore I’m not limited in teaching you only what they want you to know. Most people spend hours researching the best cribs, carseats, and other baby accessories. I help to streamline your research, learning, and preparation to help you have an amazing birth experience.

“My husband was hesitant about the cost and time commitment at first, but after taking the course and the amount of knowledge we gained, he now says that he got a PH.D in childbirth ;). He says it was totally worth it and it made the childbirth experience special for us both.  I really enjoyed meeting other couples and going through the classes with them. We gained new friends through this experience. Most of my friends do not live in the area but if they did I’d specifically recommend Denise’s class! It is a class that provides you with the education and techniques you need to be in charge of your own birth!” ~Bria, Cambridge

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Past students have traveled from all over Madison, Verona, Middleton, DeForest, Monona, Fitchburg, Hillpoint, Reedsburg, La Valle, Elroy, Portage, Oxford, Rio, Columbus, Sun Prairie, Sauk Prairie, Menomonee Falls, Cambridge, Lake Mills, and Stoughton.

*A $50 non-refundable depost is required to hold your space in a series. The remaining $245 is payble at the beginning of the series. This fee includes your student workbook, access to my lending library of books and videos, and phone/email support from me up until a couple weeks after your baby is born.

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Thank you so much for the classes. I know I couldn’t have done it without them. If we didn’t have the knowledge of what was happening, things may have been very different. I remember thinking right after ‘well that wasn’t too bad, I could do that again.’” ~Amanda, Watertown