If you’re already in your last trimester, and you just learned about Bradley Method(R) classes, you probably realize that there’s not enough time to complete a full series.  Or maybe you work during the time that my classes are offered but you still really want the information.  Don’t panic!

I feel strongly that anyone who desires more information than a hospital class provides in order to achieve a natural birth deserves that information.  For that reason, I offer private classes only to those who were not able to take a Bradley Method® series.  If at all possible, I encourage you to attend a series though, even if your baby is born before the last class.

You choose the topics from the list below that you would like me to cover with you and the amount of time you would like to spend, and we work out a plan from there.  I can cover these topics through lecture/discussion, videos, practice/role play, readings (books, articles/handouts, websites, etc.), activites, and homework exercises.  My fee for these classes is $40/hr with a two hour minimum required.  Most couples choose between 3-6 hours.  We can get quite a lot covered in this amount of time, but it’s ultimately up to you how much time you’d like to invest in making your baby’s birth day great!

Possible Topics to be Covered during Private Classes

Pregnancy Exercises

Nutrition During Pregnancy (The Brewer Diet)


Model of Care/Care Providers

Pregnancy (Anatomy/Physical changes; staying comfortable)


Common/routine tests done during pregnancy


Dad’s Role

Narcotics & Epidurals

Relaxation/Visualization/Mental Imagery

First Stage Labor Basics

Second Stage Labor Basics

Interventions (i.e. IV, electronic fetal monitoring, artificial rupture of membranes, etc.)

Writing a Birth Plan

Emotional Signposts of Labor & Six Ways to Progress in Labor

Labor Variations & Unexpected situations

Cesarean Surgery

Managing your Fears

Positions for Labor and Coping Measures


Newborn Procedures


Postpartum Preparation

Postpartum Depression

Newborn Care & Behavior

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